Week One: Let’s Get Ready To Rumblllllllle!

Wow! One week already! This week I have realized that I undermined some of my goals… Example, only 50 board games? That will be finished before December I am sure of it!

So this week I managed to complete the following items:

  • I put hot pink highlights in my hair. Have been meaning to this for a year now, finally got around to it! Now to complete my “Get a New Look” goal I need to a) Get a hair cut, and b) Get a new wardrobe. Both of which will most likely be done before January 1st.
  • I played¬†10¬†different games! I am seriously considering upping that goal to 150 different games. It averages out to a little more then one a week. We will see in the future how that plans out!

I think that one of my new goals should be learning to type properly.. I apologize for my crappy grammar!

Until next week!



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