I recently discovered the 101 in 1001 challenge and decided to give it a try! Basically you need to find 101 goals and complete all of them in 1001 days, (2.75 years). I am planning on documenting my progress on this blog. Enjoy!

Start Date: 10/4/2014
End Date: 7/1/2017


  1. Think of 101 goals! (84/101)

Activity Goals:

  1. Go Skydiving — Planned for my 20th birthday
  2. See live Stand-up Comedy
  3. Go Skiing/Snowboarding
  4. Ride a Roller coaster
  5. Find 50 Geocaches (0/50)
  6. Spend a whole day watching Disney movies. (I am going far in life aren’t I?)
  7. See a Broadway show
  8. Go Rock climbing 33 times. (once a month) (0/33)
  9. Dance my way through Dance Central on the kinect.
  10. Go Camping
  11. Go to a Drive-in
  12. Go Bowling
  13. Get a Manicure
  14. Get a New Look (1/3 steps completed)
  15. Get a Pedicure
  16. Get a Professional Massage

Fitness Goals:

  1. Couch to 5k challenge.
  2. Run a 25k
  3. Do the splits
  4. Be able to do 50 Consecutive push-ups. (Currently can do… 0. shhh)
  5. Go one month without pop
  6. Achieve personal weight goal
  7. Track everything I eat and drink for a week.
  8. Use Juicer once a week
  9. Only drink water for a week
  10. Give up chocolate for a month

Creative Goals:

  1. Start a Blog  Completed 10/4/2014
  2. Write a book
  3. Complete Nanowrimo
  4. Write a letter to myself to be read once the challenge is completed
  5. Write a letter to myself to be read in 10 years
  6. Complete 365 photo challenge (0/365)
  7. Complete Alphabet photo challenge (0/26)
  8. Buy and learn Photoshop
  9. Find 10 new ways to style my hair (0/10)
  10. Start a Youtube Channel with friends
  11. Complete five ‘1000+’ piece puzzles (0/5)

Travel Goals:

  1. Go on at least one Spontaneous Road Trip
  2. Visit a new Province
  3. Visit a new Country
  4. Visit 5 different museums (0/5)
  5. See Pacific ocean
  6. See Atlantic ocean
  7. See the Eiffel tower
  8. See the Northern Lights
  9. Swim with Dolphins
  10. Sleep in a Quinzey
  11. Hike a trail in a National Park

Body and Knowledge Goals:

  1. Get a second tattoo
  2. Get my belly button pierced
  3. Become fluent in French
  4. Learn basic ASL
  5. Learn a 3rd language
  6. Become CPR certified
  7. Become First Aid certified
  8. Learn to Salsa
  9. Learn to Pole Dance
  10. Learn how to play an Instrument
  11. Learn to Knit
  12. Learn to Juggle
  13. Learn to Change a Tire

Life Goals:

  1. Send Application to go to School
  2. Go to School
  3. Move out of my parents home
  4. Get my Drivers licence
  5. Celebrate my 21st birthday in New York

Other Goals:

  1. Go to a Concert
  2. Donate Blood
  3. Have pictures taken in a Photobooth
  4. Give 100% tip
  5. 5 day Electronic fast
  6. Read 143 books (1/week) (0/143)
  7. Finish my Basement
  8. Buy a new Mattress
  9. Complete a Sudoku book
  10. Go to a psychic
  11. Play 50 different board games (10/50)

Money Goals:

  1. Get a new Job
  2. Maintain strict Budget and Track my Income/Expenses for a month
  3. Have $xx,xxx in my Savings Account
  4. Put $10 aside for every goal complete to spoil myself at the end
  5. Fill my Piggy Bank
  6. Get a Credit Card
  7. Invest in something once a calender year

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